Enhancing the capacity and participation of small-scale farmers and civil society organizations in decision making and governance processes related to sustainable agriculture and food security in Rwanda

Location: NYAGATARE district (Eastern province)

Duration: August, 1st 2018-July, 31st 2021 (3 years)

Donor: European Union (75%) and Trocaire (25%)


Trocaire (Coordinator)
CCOAIB (Nyagatare), Caritas Gikongoro (Nyaruguru), IPFG (Nyamagabe) as Co-implementers

Overall Objective
To strengthen civil society organizations’ capacity to hold public authorities to account and to promote more inclusive, responsive and transparent governance in Rwanda.
Specific Objective
To promote the effective participation of small-scale farmers (particularly women) and civil society organizations in the development, implementation and monitoring of agricultural policies and strategies.
11 CSOs
3,600 individual farmers
30 communities (Villages)
Local authorities in Nyagatare
All small-scale farmers, CSOs involved in advocacy and dialogue initiatives who are currently impacted by policies, and leaders at district and national level